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 Who is Pelican Paper?

Pelican Paper was established in 1985 as a premium paper distributor and converter. Pelican purchases private label and well-known brand paper directly from the paper mills and sells to printing plants and other customers across the United States and Canada. 


Why did we add e-commerce to our business strategy?

Pretty simple, actually. Many companies or individuals who buy paper prefer to have a good, reliable on-line source.  With e-commerce, our business has grown, increased our purchasing power and significantly drove down our costs. This resulted in lower prices to you!


How is Pelican different than any other paper vendor?

Traditionally, paper companies have sold paper via commissioned salespersons. Pelican Paper has taken a more modern approach by selling paper online at The cost of salespersons has been eliminated and the savings have been passed along to you! What's more, on our website, you have the convenience of ordering from your home or office 24 hours per day, everyday.


Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team is ready to help. Pelican does not have an automated voice mail system. When you call our toll free number (1-800-877-6004), a live person immediately answers the call on Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5:30PM EST.



Warehouse / Distribution

With our three warehouse/distribution sites (Nevada, Wisconsin and New York), Pelican can service your needs quickly. FREE SHIPPING on paper orders of 1250 pounds or more. Full range of shipping options — Truckload, LTL, UPS, etc.




Pelican offers premium quality paper to meet the needs of all sheetfed printers. Purchase with confidence by the small package, carton, pallet or truckload. Contact us for volume discounts!

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